University of California, Irvine

College of Medicine

Medical Immunology 544 (Fall 2011)

Powerpoint Lecture Files



September 19,   Introduction  (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


September 20,   Immune Reactions, Ag/Ab (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


September 21,   Antibody Structure I (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


September 22,   Antibody Structure II (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


September 27,   Complement (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                            Immunoglobulin Genetics (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


September 30,   Cellular Basis of Diversity (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                           Genetic Basis of Diversity (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 3,         Ig Biosynthesis (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 4,         ABO & Rh Blood Groups (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 6,        Innate Immunity & Inbreeding (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                          MHC & Transplantation (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 7,        Cell Interactions in CMI: I (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                          Cell Interactions in CMI: II (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 12,      Thymus & Humoral Immunity (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                                       Cell Markers; T/B Interactions (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 13,      Lymphoid Tissue Architecture (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 17,      Ontogeny of the Immune System (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 18,      Immunological Tolerance (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                          Autoimmunity (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 19,      Genetic Control of Immune Responses (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 20,      CC#1: Autoimmunity-Rheumatoid Arthritis (Prete



October 25,      Immunodeficiency (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


October 26,      Allergy (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                                       Vaccination (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


November 1,     CC#2: HIV/AIDS (Robinson) (PPT/PDF/Handouts)

                                                                                  Case History

November 3,     Hybridomas (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


November 4,     Tumor Immunology (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


November 9,     Final Lecture  (PPT/PDF/Handouts)


November 10,   Review  (PPT/PDF/Handouts)



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