Ouchterlony Simulator v. 5.0  (c) 2010 H.R. Gutman and G.A. Gutman

If you see no graphics in the box below, you may need to download Java VM from http://java.com


This simulator allows you to select antigens to be placed in wells, also antisera with or without absorption. You can choose one of two datasets, "Standard" includes a selection of proteins and haptens, "Light Chains" allows you to exploit the allotype system of human kappa chains, and the isotype complexity of human lambda chains (but it does not include haptens). 



1) Choose either "Antigen" or "Antiserum against:"

2) Select a protein (and a hapten, if desired) from the pop-up list, click on a well to fill it.  Specify "Absorbed with" if desired.:
    Note:  selecting * none * as the protein allows you to empty a well..

3) Run begins the simulation, then changes to Reset.  Once the simulation has been run, the well contents become fixed, until Reset or Cleared.

4) The Reset button removes the precipitation lines, and permits you to change the contents of the wells.

    The Clear button removes the precipitation lines and empties all wells.


Introduction to Ouchterlony Analysis (PDF file)

Powerpoint Animation Illustrating Ouchterlony Precipitation

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