Ming Tan


Ming Tan is interested in infectious diseases from both a research and clinical angle. He has been studying how the pathogenic bacterium Chlamydia causes disease by infecting a human cell. He is also an physician who treats patients with infectious diseases. He is the President-elect of the Chlamydia Basic Research Society and the series editor of a two-volume book on Intracellular Pathogens to be published by ASM Press. When his 2-year old Toby allows it, he likes kayaking in nearby Newport Harbor.

Brett Hanson

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Brett joined the Tan Lab as a Postdoc in the winter of 2011.

Emilie Orillard

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Emilie joined the Tan Lab as a Postdoc in the spring of 2012.

Chris Rosario

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Chris joined the Tan Lab as a Postdoc in the summer 2008 to do some exciting research and to take a break from the rigors of the Northern Californian lifestyle. His current project involves studying the role of the alternative sigma factor RpoN and associated regulators in the regulation of the infectious cycle of Chlamydia.

Eric Cheng

Graduate Student

Eric is working on how supercoiling regulates transcription in Chlamydia. When he is not in lab, Eric can be found hiking or biking around Orange County.


Kirsten Johnson

Graduate Student

Kirsten is currently studying how and why Chlamydia cause a dysregulation of the normal centrosome duplication pathyway in host cells so that multiple procentrioles are formed per template during an infection.

Jennifer Lee

Graduate Student

Jennifer is studying a chlamydial protease, CPAF, and its effects on the host cell during infection. Outside of the lab she enjoys eating, shopping, and lounging in the California sunshine.



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